Sonic Booma Flying Sports Toy (8-108+!)

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The world famous Wicked Booma range features an advanced tri-blade design, ensuring a stable and accurate return flight when thrown as instructed. Every year they sell millions of proudly British made boomerangs making them one of the largest largest manufacturer of returning sports boomerangs. Wicked Boomas are incredibly easy to throw and catch and each comes with full throwing instructions on the back of the packaging.

  • 15-20 metre flight range
  • Makes an ultra loud whistle in flight
  • Guratanteed return flights
  • Made from a flexible co-polymer polypropylene composite
  • Full throwing instructions included

Wicked Sonic Booma, a whistling version of the world’s best returning boomerang, mesmerises passers-by as it whizzes through the air. Suitable for ages 8 and above, Wicked Sonic Booma offers an exciting multi-sensory experience and endless amusement for all the family!

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