boppi Bamboo 5-Piece Dinnerware Set - Dinosaurs

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The all-natural boppi bamboo dinnerware set is an eco-friendly choice for children’s dinner time, lunches, breakfast, picnics, and parties. The food-safe and BPA free 5-piece set contains a plate, a bowl, a cup/beaker, and a fork & spoon, and is made from environmentally friendly bamboo fibre with soft rounded edges, comes wrapped in recycled packaging, and is dishwasher safe too. The lightweight but durable nature of bamboo makes the dinnerware highly resistant to breakages and chipping.

Choose your favourite mealtime set from the following designs; Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Cars, Flamingos, Jungle, Forest Animals, Dogs, Under the Sea, and Butterflies. Ideal as a baby shower gift or birthday present item.

boppi is committed to helping the planet, so we’ve chosen to make our dinnerware set environmentally friendly and part of the circular economy (cradle to cradle), in that the product and its packaging can be either recycled, reused or remanufactured, which eases pressure on landfill and the environment. Saving the planet starts at the dinner table.


5 Piece set dimensions:

Plate - 21cm

Bowl - 15cm

Cup/Beaker - 10cm

Fork - 13.5cm

Spoon - 13.5cm


Bamboo Eco Facts

No pesticides or fertilizers required while growing

Fast-growing and speedy regeneration

Requires half the water that other trees need

Eases pressure on land use and deforestation due to its high growth rate and dense growth in small areas.



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