Schleich 42369 stall with Arab Horses and Groom

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Fun features include writable stickers and removable rosettes for decoration, a detachable roof, door that can be opened and closed, horse groom has movable arms and can hold individual accessories! The horse stall can be connected to the Horse Club Stable and other stalls with fences.

1 x horse stall, 1 x horse stall roof, 1 x horse groom, 1 x Pintabian mare, 1 x Pintabian foal, 1 x horse stall sign, 1 x rack, 1 x water trough, 7 x paddocks, 1 x grooming box, 1 x horse brush, 1 x curry comb, magenta, 1 x bandage, purple, 1 x medicine bottle, 1 x salve, 1 x halter, purple, 1 x bunch of carrots, 1 x rosette, purple, 1 x rosette, turquoise, 1 x sticker sheet, 1 x assembly instructions

- Part of the Horse Club by Schleich collection
- Made from plastic, figures are hand painted
- Approx size 40 x 45 x 17 cm (W x D x H)

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