Grafix Aqua Critters Aquarium Prehistoric Swimming Creatures Science Experiment

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  • Hatch your own underwater kingdom
  • Decorate your tank with ornaments
  • Use the magnifying glass to see your creatures
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and over
  • (H) 24cm x (W) 36cm x (D) 10cm 

Explore the amazing world of brine shrimp. A story 70 million years in the making! With the prehistoric water world kit you'll create your own Triassic era, and watch in amazement as your brine shrimp eggs hatch before your very eyes!

Nurture and care for your new water babies with our step by step guide. These critters love to swim, use the included magnifying glass to admire their incredible aqua-batics in their crazy underwater world!

This kit includes everything required to get started, and is a great science experiment kit that kids will enjoy for hours as they take care of these creatures. Recommended for children aged 8 years+ Box Contents Underwater World Aquarium Hatchery Chamber Bag 

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