Harris Finds His Feet

Harris Finds His Feet

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Meet Harris the hare.

Harris is a very small hare with very big feet. But where will they take him? Join Harris and his grandfather as they race to the top of the mountains and discover their wonderful world is just a hop away.


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Meet Sylvia and Bird.

Sylvia is lonely. She’s the only dragon in the whole wide world. But maybe Bird could be the friend she’s been waiting for? Join Sylvia and Bird in this beautiful story of a very unlikely friendship.


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Meet Augustus the tiger.

Augustus has lost his smile. But where could it be? Join Augustus on a journey through tall trees, high mountains and deep oceans to find it.


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Meet Iris and Isaac the polar bears.

Iris and Isaac are not friends anymore. But without each other, who will they share the wonders of the Arctic with? Join Iris and Isaac on their solo journeys through the snow as they discover the importance of friendship and sharing.


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Meet Abigail the giraffe.

Abigail the giraffe loves to count. But how can she count spots and stripes when the animals just won’t stay still? Join Abigail and her friends on a counting quest through the plains in a delightful tale of friendship and teamwork.


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Also available: a beautiful board book of Harris Finds his Feet.

With sturdy pages for little hands, this is a perfect gift for babies and toddlers.



Product Description

Harris was a very small hare with very big feet. 'Why do I have such enormous feet, Grandad?' Harris sighed. So Grandad shows Harris how to hop high into the sky, to climb to the tops of the mountains, and to run very fast. Harris not only learns about the world around him but also the importance of finding his own feet.

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