Multi-storey Garage By Studio Circus

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This multi-storey garage is beautifully designed in pastel colours and features a fabulous car wash feature! Includes 3 vehicles: a helicopter, a police car and an ambulance.

It features 3 levels with ramps, a car lift with a winding mechanism, helipad, petrol pump and a car wash with two fabric rollers. Included with the garage are 3 pastel coloured vehicles, a helicopter, a police car and an ambulance.

It is an ideal toy for role play and imaginative play and it is guaranteed to keep children entertained for hours, with the car wash, car lift and helipad, it gives it a real life feel. Also brilliant to encourage child to child interaction or a brilliant toy to use for some parent and child quality time – both of which encourage pretend play which leads to improved social and emotional development.

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