Nebulous Stars NS11114 Enchanted Fashion Craft, Colourful

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  • Create a cheerful trendy look for yourself! Make a scarf a headband and a bracelet all inspired by nature!Practicing a Nebulous Stars arts & crafts activity, paired with messages spread by our Stars, will introduce young girls, to the calming practices of meditation and relaxation while encouraging their creativity and self-esteem
  • Lifestyle Brand | brand content with a story line | target group Girls from age 6 to 12 years (recommend on the packaging 7 +)
  • Offers children an endless world of imagination and magic | follows current trends relaxation mystery and fantasy | fresh and beautiful from any angle
  • Width Nebulous stars wide range of products Gifts toys art cosmetic stationery clothes and books | sent in quality packaging with embossing and glitter varnish | graphics and illustrations in top quality | reusable gift Eboxen | capacity
  • The Nebulous stars universe reveal Girls from age 7 to 12 years old a unique environment aesthetics wellness and positive values that match one another
  • The variety of the activities to complete maintains children to while encouraging your personal development In a world and in the children by Chaos of modern living are this new range will give you a condition of peace and well being

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