Our Generation Counting Puppies Dolls Outfit

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How many puppies can you count before your eyes close?

Puppy love will make your doll’s nights extra cozy and sweet, and the Counting Puppies pyjama outfit from Our Generation has canine fun to spare! This pyjama outfit for 18-inch dolls is both cozy and cute.

Because there has never been a generation of girls quite like us. We have voices and no shortage of choices. We’re risk-takers and sandcastle-makers. We’re sisters, cousins and best friends who are organizing park cleanups, saving the rain forests and laughing ourselves dizzy as we swing almost as high as the swingset. This is our time. This is our story.

Sleepover Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

When you paws for the night, you’ll be snuggled up tight in these doll clothes!

Dress your dolls for sweet slumbers in the long-sleeved pyjama shirt and trousers. They’re covered in a pink and blue puppy print. Fun fact: did you know that this type of dog can be called a “wiener dog,” a Dachshund, a Dotson, or a Teckel? Wow, that’s a lot of names for this long pup! Whatever name you prefer for this breed, your dolls will be thrilled to have a miniature plush puppy toy to cuddle with at night. The fuzzy pink socks will keep their toes warm, and they can count puppies until they fall deep asleep.

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