Quercetti FantaColor Baby Bio Age 1-4 years First Mosaics

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An educational line that thinks Green!

This line of toys is dedicated to those parents who have at heart the safeguard of our planet because the materials used are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Shape sorter toys, runs and pegs, made from a special bio eco sustainable plastic, improve cognitive and motor skills development.

To complete this line, a series of “green” toys to help children appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of looking after it. Seeing tomato, basil or lettuce plants sprout, grown by their own hands will make children aware of how precious these elements are. Let’s play together respecting nature, nurturing it and seeing it grow.

Bio-plastic game dedicated to children. Equipped with large snap-in buttons to develop fine motility and coordination eye-hand.

Age: 1-4 years old

With this brand new green game, babies and children can play with colored buttons to create their beautiful mosaics. The extra-large round buttons are easy to grip as they are specially designed to facilitate handling by younger children. They are available in different colours and can be easily adapted to small domes on the board. The top of the cards contains a series of images of patterns with funny and easily recognizable illustrations.


1 perforated tablet
7 blue buttons
7 yellow buttons
7 red buttons
6 illustrated cards


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