Quercetti Secret Code Family Game Age 7 to 99 Years

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Secret Code

Strategy game for two or more players with two difficulty levels. Using deductive and logical reasoning, the "decipherer" will have to find out the "secret code" composed of his opponent, the "encoder", with as little attempts as possible. It will then be his turn to create such a complex color scheme as to hinder all attempts to decode the opponent. The included illustrated leaflets indicate the different degrees of difficulty of the secret code, which can be composed with 4 or 5 positions, using the 8 colors available.

How to play Secret Code!

secret quercetti

Step 1

The encoder chooses the "code" consisting of a sequence of nails and colors that will choose from the 8 available, also deciding to repeat, if you want, the same color several times within the code. Without showing the opponent, place it in the separate area at the top (orange for the 4-pin code; green for the 5-pin code), covering it immediately with the grey shield.

Family Game board games by Quercetti

Step 2

The decipher must try to guess the secret code by starting to place the nails from row 1.

Quercetti's Secret Code Tablet

Step 3

The encoder must give clues by inserting the white or black nails into the "clue column" next to the row where the decipher placed the nails:

• A white nail for every right color in the wrong position

• A black nail for every color right in the right place

In order not to facilitate too much the decryptor, the clue-mark nails, can be placed in any hole of the "clue column".

Secret Code by Quercetti

Step 4

The decipher continues by attempts following the clues until you reveal the right sequence of nails. When the encoder inserts 4 black nails into the clue area, the secret code will be revealed. At this point the players reverse in role and the game continues. The encoder will become the decryptor and vice versa.

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