Rory's Story Cubes

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The pocket-sized, travel-friendly storytelling game. There's no right or wrong way to play: Just roll the cubes, start with once upon a time and see where your imagination takes you.

    • Roll the cubes and make a story; a creative and educational tool to stimulate the imagination
    • Nine dice with six images each means over one million combinations on every roll for limitless storytelling fun
    • None-competitive fun; there's no right or wrong way to play, just enjoy sharing stories with family and friends
    • Suitable for players 6 years old and above
    • If you are buying your first set of Rory's story cubes - this is the pack for you

    With just four lines of instructions and no time or story-length limits, anyone can become a storyteller.

    Rory’s story cubes are a fun way to inspire creative thinking, encourage social confidence, develop language, improve vocabulary and promote problem solving skills for ages six and above.

    Presented in a little magnetic box, Rory’s story cubes are suitable for travel, waiting in a restaurant, in the classroom, as an icebreaker, for idea generation or to help in learning a language.

    The nine dice, each with an individual image on all sides, hold a total of 54 images - this means that, with every roll, there are over a million combinations to use for storytelling inspiration.

    Box Contains

    9 x 19mm dice (each with 6 unique embossed images)

    How to play instructions

    All presented in a magnetic case ideal for travel


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