Schleich Horse Club Sarah's Camping Adventure 42533

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  • Contents: 1x trailer, 1x tent, 1x toy horse, 1x HC flag, 1x sleeping bag for Sarah, 1x waist strap, 1x Pinto mare, 1x Sarah, 1x squirrel, 1x helmet, 1x green apple and 1x stable halter Sarah
  • Ideal for all fans of Schleich!
  • Hand painted
  • See in store for our full Schleich range

Product Description


Horse Club Sarah's Camping Adventure from Schleich Horse Club excites the fully moveable Sarah figurine from Schleich Horse Club and her Pinto mare! Sarah uses the waist strap to attach her horse to the trailer, which she loads with the tent and supplies. Then she puts on her helmet and grabs the stable halter. Off they go!

On arrival the spotted horse is rewarded for pulling the trailer with a tasty green apple. Then Sarah pitches the tent, unpacks the snug sleeping bag and places the cute toy horse in it ready for the night. A squirrel watches curiously as Sarah hoists the secret Horse Club flag before going to bed!

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