The Nature Timeline Wallbook (What on Earth Wallbook Series) by Christopher Lloyd (Author), Andy Forshaw (Illustrator) Hardback

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Explore nature's history with the most visually stunning timeline of life on earth ever created. Created in association with the Natural History Museum, the two-metre-long fold-out timeline stretches back 4 billion years to the first signs of life in the seas. Witness the emergence of multi-cellular life, the colonisation of the land, the reign of dinosaurs, mass extinctions, the migration of mammals, and finally, the story of humanity from the first two-legged hominids to a world populated by more than 7 billion people today. An easy-to-read chronicle, written in the form of newspaper articles, highlights key moments such as understanding the science behind sight and how rocks can reveal the Earth's age. Other features include a page of letters to the editor, a fifty-question quiz, and a pocket magnifier to make it easier to dive into all the timeline's details. Perfect for 6-14 year olds, and nature lovers of any age!

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