X Knight Remote Control Car Age 8 +

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Do you want a radio-controlled car that goes faster than a weekend, yet is just as awesome as one? Then you need the X-knight – an extreme-speed R/C buggy!

This remote control has 4 wheel drive. (all wheels are powered so the car has better grip to power through)

With a  contoured body and oversized, grippy tyres, this buggy is able to do up to a whopping 20kph! And, it doesn’t need jet fuel to do it. The buggy itself only needs 5 x AA batteries and the remote needs just 2 x AA batteries.

Speaking of the remote, this buggy comes with a trigger-style controller, making it easy to control its full range of motion. Move it forwards and backwards with the trigger on the remote and turn its wheel for precise cornering, veering left and right better than a dizzy kid on a bouncy castle.

So, if you want a radio-controlled car that’s quicker than a satellite internet connection, order your red X-knight radio-controlled buggy today!

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