Zap! Extra Bath Bombs

Zap! Extra Bath Bombs

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    • With everything you need to make 3 beautiful bath bombs this set is perfect for so-fizz-ticated crafting!
    • Crafting activities encourage critical thinking, children start to think about the final product and the steps needed to get there
    • Engaging in creative craft activities also helps to develop a creative mindset in children
    • Slower paced activities such as creating bath bombs can develop patience, in a world of instant gratification this is a great way to step away from screens
    • A perfect gift for inspiring scientists, bath bomb fans or for children looking to learn how to create something new, this kit is also perfect as a fun family activity to do together


      Blast boring bath time into a fun and fizzy adventure with this Zap! Extra DIY Bath Bombs kit!

      Ever wanted to bring some magic to bathtime with a swirly, sparkly unicorn? How about create a hatching dinosaur egg? Maybe you want to express the day you’re having with a personalised smiley bath bomb? Or, for the ultimate dramatic experience, make a volcanic bath bomb explosion! 

      This kit comes with all that you need to make 3 bath bombs so you can get crafting and making so-fizz-ticated bath bombs straight away!

      What’s Included:

      • 48-page book
      • Bath bomb mix in 3 sachets
      • 3 moulds
      • 3 x 5ml dyes, blue, pink and yellow

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