Splat Planet Colour-in T-Shirt with 10 Non-Toxic Washable Magic Pens - Colour-in and Wash Out T-Shirt

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One of our best sellers at the Toy Box. We just LOVE these awesome colour in T-shirts with magic wash away pens. Made & designed in Britain by independent and family fun business, Splat Planet, they are a great way for parents to keep the kids entertained in a fun and creative way which doesn’t resort to using technology all the time! Even better, as the t-shirts can be coloured over and over again, they are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly gift for kids too & amazing value for money.

Product information:

  • COLOUR-->WASH-->COLOUR AGAIN: Kids can colour in the t-shirt over and over again. Once washed, the colours will magically disappear ready to be coloured in again !
  • 10 NON-TOXIC COLOURING PENS: Each t-shirt comes with 10 non-toxic, washable magic splat planet pens - Pink, Blue, Orange, Red, Green and Yellow
  • 100% Cotton
  • MAGIC COLOURS: The colours will not run, so you don't need to worry about your other clothes getting damaged - the colours are non-toxic and fully bio-degradable - they literally dissapear.
  • BORN IN THE UK: Splat Planet colour in t-shirts are proudly Designed and Printed in the UK

Size Guide:

Sizes (cm) 92cm (1-2y) 98cm (2-3y) 104cm (3-4y) 116cm (5-6y) 128cm (7-8y) 140cm (9-11y) 152cm (12-13y) 164cm (14-15y)
31 33 38 40,5 43 46 48,5 53,5
38 41 45 50 55 60 65 72


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