Airfix A55006 Starter Set - McLaren 765LT

Airfix A55006 Starter Set - McLaren 765LT

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If the thrill of driving one of the fastest, most awe-inspiring supercars is high on your wish list, then time spent behind the wheel of a McLaren 765LT could be something that might appeal to you. A car which benefits from the design input of McLaren's extensive experience in the world of motorsport, the 765LT has been created to provide the ultimate driving experience, an adrenalin rush on four wheels.  Aerodynamically optimised to hug the road at great speeds, the lightweight McLaren 765LT uses a twin-turbocharged V8 engine to produce 666 bhp and propel this stunning car to speeds of over 200 mph, so if you are lucky enough to see one, you won't be seeing it for long. 

Unfortunately, all this motoring perfection comes at a price and if you have a desire to own one of these modern supercars, you might have to sell your house, or hope for a decent lottery win, because motoring perfection comes at a cost.

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