Care Bear 9 Inch Bean Plush Dare To Care Bear

Care Bear 9 Inch Bean Plush Dare To Care Bear

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Do you DARE to CARE? The Care Bears are a lovable group of besties who are always looking for new ways to share their care. And today they're excited to introduce you to an ALL-NEW friend: Dare to Care Bear! Dare to Care Bear is a compassionate Bear who's number one goal is the acceptance of others. He knows that just because we're different in some ways, we are also the SAME in so many other ways! And he can't wait to share his message of kindness with you!

Dare to Care Bear wears a fun belly badge featuring two smiling, shooting stars - reminding us that while we may be different in some ways, we're also the same in other ways!

Dare to Care Bear has bright, colourful fur and is made with super-soft material. At 22cm in size, he's perfect for unlimited bear hugs! Suitable for boys and girls aged 4 and up.

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