Cobra Paw Game by Asmodee

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  • Cobra Paw, where ninja-like knows how to steal the game
  • Ninjas must snatch six claw fuku stones to claim victory
  • 5 to 15 Minutes Playing Time
  • 2 to 6 players. Ages 6+
  • Sticky Notes Pad- Bonus Sticky Notes Pad with our logo included

The rules of «Cobra Paw» are quickly understood – but do you have the razor-sharp concentration to get the right stones first? You need a good eye, a waking spirit and the honorable code of conduct! May the best ninja win! Goal of the game: Win the first 6 stones! Game play: The stones are open on the table. A player dice with the two dice. They indicate which combination of patterns the desired stone must show. After that, all players try to find the desired stone as quickly as possible. If the desired stone lies with an opponent, you try to grab it quickly. If the desired stone is already in front of one, you must secure it before a teammate grabs it!

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