Green Toys Seaplane Made From Recycled Plastic AGE FROM 12 MONTHS

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Let their imaginations soar with the Green Toys Seaplane! This single-seated plastic plane is just the job for budding pilots earning their wings at playtime! Make a splash in the tub or the pool with the seaplane: the oversized pontoons are perfect for coasting into port.

Made from child-safe, eco-friendly plastics in the same way as the rest of the Green Toys range, this little flyer features a spinning propeller, two pontoons which let the plane float on the top of water, and rounded wings for extra safety. The body shape is easy to grasp for little hands. The rugged plane is practically unbreakable: it can be dropped, trodden on and even put through the dishwasher and come out squeaky clean. Now, that's what I call robust!

Green Toys are made from 100% recycled materials, like plastic milk jugs and yoghurt cartons- properly cleaned and shredded into raw materials, then mixed with food-safe colouring before being made into the brilliant toys you see today! Even the boxes are recycled cardboard printed with renewable soy ink! Good for the environment, and completely child-safe, even surpassing stringent safety requirements. BPA and Phthalate-free, these Green Toys are made in the USA by this eco-friendly company which has every child's future at heart.

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