Halftoys Magnetic 3D Animal Jigsaw Puzzle - Hippo

Halftoys Magnetic 3D Animal Jigsaw Puzzle - Hippo

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The Half Toys animal range mixes a fun 3D jigsaw puzzle toy with educational play. Each animal is built with a magnetic body that can be separated into 2 parts to reveal a skeletal puzzle within, helping children learn the basics of anatomy and natural history through play.

All animals come with a fun fact file and its own unique display diorama, so you can build the 3D environment for the half-toy and link them up with other collectible sets in the range.

These pocket-sized toys are great gift ideas that offer hours of play or can be enjoyed within a display setting or as a desk toy.

Collect and connect them all to create your own  world.


  • The body has magnetic points and click closes.
  • The skeleton is not just a cute skeleton, it’s a jigsaw-style puzzle skeleton!
  • Plus each pack contains a mini diorama able to connect with multiple dioramas.
  • Encourages fun, curiosity and stimulates children’s ima­gination.
  • Suitable for ages 3 & up

3-8 years

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