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  • Watch in wonder
  • Motor-driven lift
  • Absolutely entrancing

Renowned winner of ‘Gift of the Year’, the ‘Engenius Contraption’ series is growing... and this exciting new addition to the range will soon be turning heads.   

This Engenius Contraptions Bounce Marble Run will give your marbles a fascinating life of their own!

It's stimulating to build, amazing to run, and comes together perfectly with a healthy does of genuine wow-factor.

To kick off your working model, follow the fully illustrated instruction booklet (or online tutorial videos) to slot the precision cut parts together!

Once constructed, the motorised lift will circulate your marbles to the top of the tower, before ejecting them down a controlled launch chute.

As they drop down, they'll land with reliable precision onto a series of multi-coloured miniature trampettes, bouncing from one to the next!

With adjustable legs and stretchy rubber, you can control just how the marbles will bounce from side to side or back and forth.

Once they hit the spiral track at the end, they’ll circle back towards the lift via a gentle sloping track that keeps things moving along!

What a wonderful, eco-friendly one-time-build kit for adding fun into physics and construction engineering.

The basic stages of construction:

  1. Combine the push-fit parts into a set of mechanical components (some glueing required - included)
  2. Fine tune the components and get everything into perfect balance / set the surface height and angle of trampettes
  3. Load the marbles and enjoy as they chug up the lift, whizz down the chute and bounce along hypnotically!
  4. The more trampolines you use, the more challenging your build, but the greater satisfaction!

Your kit contains:

  • Laser-cut, slot-together plywood sheets
  • A set of 11 miniature trampolines (assembly required)
  • An electric lift motor, gearbox, battery case and cog drive dowels
  • Robust construction straws formed from recycled paper
  • A screwdriver, screws and glue for minor parts required
  • Balloons and a set of 25 glass marbles recovered from recycled jars and bottles
  • Fully illustrated instruction booklet

We dare you to build your track so jaw-droppingly well that you might just lose your marbles!

Made from sustainable materials.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Assembled dimensions: 30cm x 32.5cm x 135cm

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Suits Ages 10+

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