Go Genius English Age From 7 to Adult. 2 to 4 Players

Go Genius English Age From 7 to Adult. 2 to 4 Players

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Passport to Genius is a range of environmentally-friendly educational games for children aged 7+.

Players go around the board answering multiple choice questions, while trying to avoid spaces like miss a go, move backwards or do a forfeit! If any player achieves a score of 15+ they get a Genius stamp (included) to put in the their Passport (also included for children to personalise).

Tell us about your business

Whiz Kid Games is the brain child of Heather Watherston, one of the former owners/MD of The Lagoon Group.
What can you tell us about your entered products? Passport to Genius is a range of 3 subject-themed educational board games namely Maths, English and World.

Players move around the board, answering multiple choice questions with 3 different levels of difficulty trying to avoid the minefield of spaces that demand you miss a turn, go back 5 spaces, do a forfeit etc. Play ends when the first player crosses the finish line. Scores are added up and the person with the highest score wins.

Anyone who gets from start to finish and scores more than 15 points can add a Genius sticker (included in the games) to their Whiz Kid Games Passport (also included in the games for children to personalise).

As few people are natural geniuses it may take a few games to score 15 points. To help, parents can download the Learning Aids below to refresh their grasp of the subjects with their children.

Each Whiz Kid Games passport has room for 4 stickers which encourages the children to move onto another title in the range once they have mastered one title.

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