Klutz Mini Pom Pom Food Animals Age 8+

Klutz Mini Pom Pom Food Animals Age 8+

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Make up to 20 pom-pom food friends! Learn how to make yarn pom-poms by hand, then turn them into a buffet of cute! With the help of a trusty dinner fork, wrap, tie and snip your puffy pom-pom. Use punch-out pieces, mini pom-poms and bead eyes and noses to give your fluff a sweet animal identity. Then, turn your pom-pom critters into treats, such as a bunny cupcake, unicorn frappe, puppy cake pop and much more!


This set includes: a booklet for guidance and inspiration, 7 colours of yarn, 28 mini pom-poms, beads for eyes, heart-shaped sequins for nose, cupcake liners, small paper cup, lollipop sticks, paper punch-outs, glue and ribbon.


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