LEGO Minecraft 21171 The Horse Stable

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  • Ideal for children aged 8 upwards and all Minecraft fans
  • Fully assembled, the stable measures over 9cm high, 14cm wide and 14cm deep
  • Includes 241 bricks
  • This LEGO® Minecraftâ„¢ set doesn’t require batteries since it is powered solely by kids’ imaginations! The hands-on fun boosts kids’ dexterity, creativity and problem-solving skills, whether playing solo or with friends

Kids who like to create, customize and let their imagination run free will love this versatile LEGO Minecraft set. The stable has opening doors and is filled with authentic Minecraft details, such as the golden carrot and diamond armour. There are horses to feed and care for, an obstacle course to design and a skeleton horseman to battle!

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