Red5 Magnetic Spheres Age 14+

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Stress balls usually take the form of squishy spheres; now here is a desktop toy that will put all those soft forms into the shade.

Magnetic Spheres are here and make the ideal executive gadget. Not only does it serve as a diversion to that boring spreadsheet or arduous report, its assortment of differing size balls would also look good on any desk. Sitting on a handsome silver base, these magnet balls can be moulded into any shape you desire.

Always keep it handy at on the desk at home or work. In fact it this magnetic cube puzzle will provide hours of fun and is truly unputdownable!

Please note: the spheres are magnetic when they come in contact with the base which is magnetic. The balls are made of steel but aren't magnetic in themselves without being in contact with a magnet.

CAUTION: this product is intended for ages 14+ only and should be kept completely out of reach of younger children. Small magnets can be extremely harmful if swallowed. If magnets are swallowed, please seek medical attention immediately.

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